Turn Brown Leaves Green

Help out the urban environment by sweeping leaves into your green recycle bin! The Turn Brown Leaves Green campaign aims to motivate folks to clean and green their City, one neighborhood at a time.

What is Turn Brown Leaves Green all about?

San Francisco is home to thousands of trees that add to the beauty and greenery of this City. When the season begins to change, leaves on the trees turn color and shed. Fortunately in San Francisco, we're able to save these leaves from going to the landfill and give them back to nature.

Leaves aren't litter and have no purpose on the streets, sidewalks, or in the catch basins (storm drains).Turn Brown Leaves Green encourages residents to sweep up leaves from the streets, sidewalks, and catch basins.

You can receive free compost bags by signing up for the Adopt-A-Street Program.

By encouraging residents to sweep leaves into the green recycle bins, the leaves can eventually transition into rich compost for local farms and gardens. Placing the fallen leaves in the bins also prevents them from clogging the city's catch basins.

Remember, cleanliness of the sidewalks is the responsibility of property owners, and leaves should never be swept onto the street or near catch basins (storm drains).By law, the property owner or the ground-floor tenant of the building immediately adjacent to the sidewalk is responsible for keeping it clean and free of litter and leaves.

Visit Adopt-A-Street for more information about how you can get involved.

Also learn more about the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's Catch Basin Program.