Third Street Light Rail

drawing of Third Street Rail

Project Information

During the last half of the 19th century, streetcars traveled up and down “Tree Street”, shuttling riders between downtown and points along the Bayshore corridor, which helped spur development of the Bayshore Boulevard communities that exist today. Decades later, Muni, the City and County of San Francisco, and the San Francisco Transportation Authority launched the Third Street Light Rail Project to reestablish rail service along this corridor.

The project scope consisted of the design and construction of 28 high level boarding platforms and four substations, canopies, track ways, paving, sidewalk treatment, trees, street lighting, and other elements of urban design and art work enhancement. This completion of this project provides a safe and environment for public transit passengers.

Third Street Rail


Third Street and Bayshore Boulevard


Jan 1999: Began Design Phase
Jan 2002: Began Construction Phase
May 2007: Construction Completion

$274.5 million

Project Team
DPW Bureau of Architecture (BOA)
DPW Bureau of Engineering (BOE)
DPW Bureau of Construction Management (BCM)
Consultants: Toby Levy’ Architects and Barbara Maloney, Urban Designer

Roggerio Bittencourt    
Project Designer, DPW
(415) 557-4619