SoMa West - Skate Park and Dog Play Area


The SoMa West Improvement Projects include the development of a skate park and dog play area on the Caltrans right of way parcels located underneath the Central Freeway, between Valencia and Otis streets. In order to authorize the City to build, operate, and maintain the sites and facilities, an agreement was negotiated with Caltrans and the owners of the property. The leases were approved by the Board of Supervisors. The construction of both the skate park and dog play area were bid as one project and are currently under construction.

Skate park

In March 2009, Public Works initiated the conceptual planning phase for the skate park by meeting with the community and the designer, Newline Skateparks, Inc. Guided by community input, Newline presented three design concepts to the community in April 2009. Meeting attendees requested the designer fuse selected features from each concept into one final design and in May 2009, Newline presented the final skate park design to the community.

Dog play area

The City will redesign a dog play area that will retain its original size and relocate City parking to the area between Stevenson and Valencia streets under the Central Freeway. The design reflects the desire of neighbors to keep a dog play area in their community and meets the obligation of the City to pay rent to Caltrans.


Both the skate park and dog play area construction started in Fall 2013 and are anticipated to be completed by July 2014. 

Cost / Funding

Skate park: $2,258,300
Dog park: $1,064,100


Trinet Construction, Inc.

Contact information

Steven Cismowski, Park Services Manager
San Francisco Recreation and Park Department