Public Works designs and builds many of the public buildings we use in San Francisco every day. Our diverse projects include cultural centers, museums, health centers, hospitals, libraries, neighborhood fire and police stations, and other iconic institutions.

Our goal is to create and maintain beautiful, highly functional, and sustainable facilities that contribute to making San Francisco a livable, vibrant, and sustainable city. Major capital projects are typically funded through local, state, or federal public financing programs or through general obligation bonds. We are building and modernizing our city. Our portfolio speaks volumes about our engineering, design, project, and construction management services. Just take a look.


These services are provided by Public Works' Building and Infrastructure Design and Construction divisions: They work in partnership with the other city agencies, and the community, to deliver state-of-the-art facilities for everyone to enjoy.

San-Francisco plans and prioritizes short and long-term capital improvement projects and needs through the Ten-year Capital Plan. For more information, visit the Capital Planning Program Website.