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Anti-Graffiti “Super Huddle“

For Immediate Release
January 20, 2007
Contact: Christine Falvey
Tel: (415) 554-6920



San Francisco, CA – More than 120 concerned community members and Graffiti Watch volunteers joined the Department of Public Works and the Graffiti Advisory Board of the City and County of San Francisco at a special meeting today to discuss the escalating crisis of graffiti vandalism in the City. Advisory Board members and attendees shared information about graffiti enforcement, abatement and education and outreach.

The  Huddle program also included a progress report on the City's abatement program and Graffiti Ordinance; a presentation on best practices in removing graffiti from public property; a discussion about how the courts are prosecuting graffiti vandalism; and a neighborhood perspective on how to recruit new volunteers. Panelists urged participants to join Graffiti Watch and Court Watch to abate and prevent graffiti.

"Graffiti is a problem afflicting all parts of San Francisco," said Mayor Newsom. "As we step-up our enforcement and explore artistic alternatives to graffiti, it is absolutely imperative that the community engage in the process, so we can cut the cost of cleanup for all of the city's tax-paying residents," continued the Mayor.

Graffiti Watch volunteers are trained and supplied by the Department of Public Works. Each individual or group who signs up makes a commitment to remove graffiti from public property, such as city receptacles, utility poles, street parking signs and any other structures that have become targets of graffiti vandalism. The program began in January 2005 and has more than 80 active members who cover more than 300 blocks. Court Watch is a program run by the District Attorney's Office to solicit community support and engagement in addressing the impacts of graffiti in the court system.

 Today's program reflects a great deal of concern citywide about graffiti and its impact to our quality of life, said Public Works Director Fred Abadi.  Public Works will continue to lead efforts to eradicate this blight from our City, he added.

 The City is fighting graffiti vandalism on a daily basis, but we cannot win this war without the help of property owners, businesses, neighborhood organizations and motivated individuals, who take pride in how their City looks , said Graffiti Advisory Board Chair and Public Works Deputy Director Mohammed Nuru.  We must build an army of dedicated volunteers in order to be successful.

The Graffiti Advisory Board is a Board of Supervisors-appointed advisory committee that meets every month to advise the Mayor and Board of Supervisors about the problem of graffiti in the neighborhoods and about graffiti enforcement, cleanup and prevention strategies. Board meetings are held in Room 348 of City Hall from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Graffiti Advisory Board member represent City agencies, private agencies, businesses, neighborhood, non-profit organizations and other stakeholder that are involved in graffiti abatement and enforcement.

To obtain information about the Graffiti Watch volunteer program or Court Watch, call DPW at 415-28-CLEAN or 641-2625.

WHO: Department of Public Works and the Graffiti Advisory Board
WHAT: Anti-Graffiti  Huddle
WHY: To discuss graffiti efforts and acknowledge volunteers
WHEN: Saturday, January 20, 2007, 9 am – 1pm
WHERE: 900-7th Street


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