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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Soda BlastingYou can call 311 or submit a service request to the City's 311 Customer Service Center to report graffiti. DPW will paint out graffiti on public property and notify other agencies and private property owners of the presence of graffiti, so they can remove it.

Graffiti on Private Property
In 2004, the City amended the graffiti ordinance requiring private property owners abate graffiti from their buidlings within 30 days. Go here for more information.

Blight Graffiti Ordinance
Under the blight ordinance, graffiti properties can be posted for Blight. The Bureau will make a determination when a property will be posted for blight based on condition of the property or prior posting under the graffiti ordinance.  

Graffiti Removal Tips
Here are some tips on the best way to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Download our Graffiti brochure. It includes tips on graffiti prevention and abatement.

Graffiti Removal Resources
DPW maintains a list of vendors who abate graffiti.

Graffiti Advisory Board
The Graffiti Advisory Board advises the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on graffiti enforcement, cleanup and prevention strategies.

Volunteer to Paint out Graffiti in your Neighborhood
If you would like to help keep your neighborhood graffiti-free, volunteer for Graffiti Watch.

Graffiti Rewards Fund
DPW, the District Attorney and the Police Department are working together to offer a reward to residents who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals.

The "Graffiti Huddle"

DPW held a citywide conference in April 2009 to help residents and property owners contribute to ridding the City of graffiti vandalism. Check out the video that was shown about the challenges of fighting graffiti in San Francisco.

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