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Spruce Up by Sun Up

An Inspection Program of the Community Corridors Partnership Program


DPW’s Community Corridor Partnership Program will resume its visits in the Corridors beginning on July 17, 2012.  City agencies, Recology Golden Gate, and Recology Sunset Scavenger will inspect over 700 blocks of city streets before sunrise, during business hours and early evening.  These is to ensure that city ordinances that affect the quality of life on our streets are being met. The goal of the program is to keep streets in the Community Corridors Partnership Program clean and inviting for residents, customers and other visitors.  



 Example of city codes.  More below.


Spruce Up by Sun Up schedule (pdf)

Download the Notice to Businesses in EnglishChinese, or Spanish (pdf)

Download the City Codes Brochure (pdf)

Photos of Correct and Incorrect City Standards (pdf)

DPW also maintains a list of vendors who steam clean sidewalks (pdf)


We will enforce city ordinances for violations such as: 

• Properties or businesses with inadequate or no-garbage service
         Tip: If you have overflowing garbage at collection time or no service, call 330-1300 immediately to increase or establish service.                        



• Tree basin and tree care issues
        Tip: Call 311 or go to sfdpw.org to check if you are responsible for the maintenance of the tree in front of your property. If you are not the property owner, check your lease. If you are responsible, check for weeds and litter around the tree basin and remove them. If your tree has not been pruned in more than a few years, call a certified arborist to inspect its condition. 



• Graffiti or blighted property, including awnings
        Tip: Go to sfdpw.org and go to the Graffiti Page. You can find resources you need to remove and prevent graffiti from appearing on your property. Remember, rapid removal is your best defense against vandals. 



• Litter, especially cigarette butts and/or grimy sidewalks
        Tip: The cleanliness of the sidewalk in front of your business or property is your responsibility. Sweep as needed and if your sidewalk is grimy, consider steam cleaning to remove built up residue. Always keep a trash can outside your front door so passers by and patrons can throw their casual litter in the bin instead of on your sidewalk.



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