Greening and Trees

OctaviaStreetParkFrom organizing volunteer events to partnering with like-minded organizations, we are constantly pursuing more efficient solutions to keeping our city clean and green.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care.  Next year Arbor Day will be celebrated in March.  To get involved, please continue to check this website for future updates. 

Climate Action Plan

Greening the city’s infrastructure and our business practices are an integral part of our mission and these goals are outlined in our 2013-2015 Strategic Plan.  Find out more about our Climate Action Plan.

Community Clean Team

A citywide volunteer program that partners city agencies with residents, merchants and students to clean and beautify San Francisco neighborhoods. Volunteers sweep up litter, plant and tend to neighborhood trees, paint out graffiti and help take care of our schools, parks, and community gardens. Get involved and join in on the fun!

Community Clean TeamParklets

Parklets provide an affordable solution for wider sidewalks intended to provide space for the general public to sit and enjoy including elements such as sidewalk/street furniture and other elements that improve the functionality and aesthetics of the streetscape.  Get information on the application and approval process.

Pavements to Parks

Find out what the City is doing to improve the pedestrian right-of-way. San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks projects seek to reclaim unused public space, and quickly and inexpensively turn them into new public plazas and parks.


Find out more about what we are doing to maintain the thousands of street trees in San Francisco, learn about Street Tree Planting requirements, how you can get involved in planting and maintaining the urban forest, and more.

Street Parks Program

The Street Parks program transforms vacant lots into gardens, trash and illegal dumping spots into greenery, and hillsides into parks. Learn how to build a garden on public open-space.

Sidewalk landscaping

Convert your sidewalk into a landscaped garden. Learn about low-cost sidewalk permits and how to convert a portion of your sidewalk into an attractive landscaped area.

Urban Gleaning Program

In an effort to give back and help enhance access to healthy and nutritious food in the community, we are working to create a food distribution system that utilizes food bearing plants and trees already growing in San Francisco. Learn how you can get involved!  


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