Garbage and Recycling Receptacles

Propoerly Hidden ReceptacleIn 2007, DPW began enforcing a law passed by the Board of Supervisors requiring that garbage toters maintained by private property owners for garbage collection that are stored on private property must be hidden from public view.

The Director of Public Works approved guidelines for creating storage structures that can help residents comply with this new ordinance by hiding their toters from public view. The use of freestanding structures or landscaping is encouraged and the guidelines describe the type of enclosures that are acceptable. Opaque materials may be used, including free standing fences, lattices, barricades and landscaping. These materials should be sturdy. Please note that bamboo and tarps are considered acceptable material provided that they are secured to a frame.       

Property owners are responsible for the upkeep of these enclosures including the cleaning of the enclosure and removal of any graffiti that may occur. Anyone in violation of the above requirements can be subjected to citation and fines of up to $500 per occurrence.

Please note that under the Public Works Code, garbage and recycle receptacles cannot be placed on the sidewalk or street before 6:00 p.m.on the day immediately prior to collection. Businesses are required to remove the receptacles immediately the following business day when the business opens and residents are required to remove the receptacles within 24 hours after collection.      

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