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Public Works provides comprehensive planning, management and architectural services for the modernization and renovation of the City’s buildings and the development of new facilities and urban space for public use. We employ over 50 technical professionals with 25 licensed architects, associates, assistants and support staff. We are a team-based organization comprised of four design studios that work with specific clients, each led by a senior architect. Environmentally sustainable architecture is a priority. 30 LEED Accredited Professionals are on staff and provide consultation for LEED certification to meet or exceed the City's Resource Efficient Building Ordinance. We are diverse in terms of our experience and cultural background enabling us to provide outreach to all the City’s stakeholders.


A world class public works organization and architectural service provider that contributes to making San Francisco a beautiful, livable, vibrant, and sustainable city.


Our mission is to provide outstanding architectural services to the community of San Francisco through planning, management, and design excellence; and to produce public architecture and urban space that are sustainable, highly functional, and beautiful.

Through the innovation and commitment of our professional staff, we design, build, maintain, and improve the city’s facilities and urban space with skill, pride, and responsiveness in partnership with the San Francisco Community. We are committed to the following tenets:

Planning: As owners and agents for the City and County of San Francisco, we are stewards of its built environment and provide comprehensive facility and project management, capital planning and project development services for: the maintenance, modernization, renovation and replacement of its public facilities.

Management: As professionals engaged in a professional service, we employ constant attention, analysis, and continuous improvement in our business practice and delivery of services through organizational and individual performance measures; and our shared quality assurance/quality control procedures.

Design Excellence: Rooted in the three principles of architecture asserted by Roman architect Vitruvius: Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas (Firmness, Commodity and Delight), our mission entails the creation and maintenance of public buildings and urban space that are (translated to contemporary language):

  • Sustainable: Enduring, durable, and resource conscious; built of materials that have been chosen with care but not excessive frugality, and meet or exceed the standard for Resource Efficiency required of the SF Environment Code.
  • Functional: Utility and usefulness; Design solutions that meet or exceed the client’s needs, that incorporate both social and cultural relevance into comfortable spaces that function flawlessly   and adapt to new uses;
  • Beautiful: Pleasing and elegantly designed solutions, responsive to their environment and neighborhood context that inspire and communicate the importance of architecture, and a government that cares for its citizens.

Project and Program Development
We assist the General Services Administration in the development of the City's 10-year Capital Plan, as well project development of the annual Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget and General Obligation Bond Proposals. Working with various agencies, we track facility condition, produce high quality assessments, and develop realistic projects and programs with definitive work scopes, schedules, and financial strategies that are the standard for approval and recommendation by the Capital Planning Committee to both the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor's Budget Office.

Implementation and Delivery
We can develop your ideas into reality using computer aided designs and three dimensional models to graphically convey your ideas to the public and users. Our knowledge and familiarity of federal, state and local regulations is key to maintaining schedules, budget and the successful completion of each project. We are proactive in working with all of these agencies, meeting with them early and identifying and addressing concerns before they become issues. We are expert at public works and contract law and can get the project delivered; from concept and design to a fully realized contract for construction - permitted and built to your specifications.